3b: What does RCHS do for us?

Club Management runs the day-to-day operations and amenities. This includes all the pools and hot tubs, golf course, the Club (tennis, fitness center, etc), security, Oceans Restaurant, the Shave Ice stand, Edgie’s Market, beachside security, beach chair rentals, and more.

Edgewater does not have any employees – everyone you see staffing EBR are employees, contractors or vendors of RC Hospitality Solutions.

RCHS is a company that was started by the developer of EBR, and the developer still owns most of the amenities of EBR other than the villa pools and Tower 2 & 3 pools.

We contract with the developer for owners and guests to use these amenities. The current Club contract was recently signed for 1919-1926. It is posted on www.EBRowners.com.