21b: Are golf carts or scooters allowed on property at EBR?

Owners may have electric or other alternative powered vehicles such as scooters or street-legal golf carts on EBR/LW property only while they are also in attendance at EBR/LW provided they are properly licensed and insured for operation on the public roadways of the State of Florida.

Before operating a street-legal alternative powered vehicle on EBR/LW properties, the owner must provide Owner Services with a copy of the vehicle registration and proof of insurance.  Upon showing the proper proof of registration and insurance, Owner Services will issue a decal or motorcycle band for the vehicle.  The decal must be displayed at all times in the same manner as conventional vehicles.

Only licensed drivers may operate an alternative powered vehicle on EBR/LW properties and traffic rules must be obeyed at all times.  This rule does not apply to bicycles and other manually propelled vehicles.

These may not be driven on the pedestrian bridge or on golf course paths.

Guest golf carts or scooters are not allowed on EBR/LW  property.