1a. I am a brand-new owner. What do I do first?

Head to Owner Services and do the following: (Also see Section 4 – Owner Services)

  • Get your owner’s cards
    • Connect a credit card to these to use for on-Resort charges (optional)
  • Get your owner’s car decals (1st two are free, next two are $5 each, the 5th decal and above is $50 each
  • Purchase guest parking passes if you intend to rent via self-management
  • Get your owner’s wristbands
  • Purchase guest wristbands if you intend to rent via self-management
  • Register any pets (if you have them)
    • You’ll need a good, clear, digital image of your pet; you will receive a tag for their collar/leash and their own owner’s card.
  • Supply a spare key to your condo or provide a keycode for emergency and pest control access.
  • Receive your key to your mailbox

You can stipulate requiring a call prior to any entry into your condo or you can give carte blanche access for the reasons above (Emergency and Pest Control access).