Helpie FAQ

  • 01. Welcome - New Owners

    Your first stop will be to the Owner Services office in the main building at the 11212 Front Beach Rd entrance – bring your warranty deed (from closing) to show proof that you are the new owners. Office hours are 8am – 5pm daily.

  • 1a. I am a brand-new owner. What do I do first?

    Head to Owner Services and do the following: (Also see Section 4 – Owner Services)

    • Get your owner’s cards
      • Connect a credit card to these to use for on-Resort charges (optional)
    • Get your owner’s car decals (1st two are free, next two are $5 each, the 5th decal and above is $50 each
    • Purchase guest parking passes if you intend to rent via self-management
    • Get your owner’s wristbands
    • Purchase guest wristbands if you intend to rent via self-management
    • Register any pets (if you have them)
      • You’ll need a good, clear, digital image of your pet; you will receive a tag for their collar/leash and their own owner’s card.
    • Supply a spare key to your condo or provide a keycode for emergency and pest control access.
    • Receive your key to your mailbox

    You can stipulate requiring a call prior to any entry into your condo or you can give carte blanche access for the reasons above (Emergency and Pest Control access).

  • 1b. I am new and arriving to the property after hours, but I do not yet have a decal. How do I get on property?

    Show your warranty deed documents from closing to the security guard and explain that you are new owners who will be going by Owner Services for all your official docs the following day. They will issue you a Visitor’s Pass (see parking & security) good until 10:00am the following day.