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2018 Board Workshop

The 2018 Board Workshop was held on Jan. 12

Read all about it in the minutes that are posted on this site

For Emergency Info, Go to:

Sign up & receive notifications about severe weather, flooding, gas leaks, water boil notices, police activity & more!


  • Please remember to check supply lines to your icemakers & refrigerators & replace if needed; these items can rupture & cause major flooding & damage not only in your unit, but units next door & underneath

  • Icemaker & refrigerator supply lines should be stainless steel.

Emergency Number (850) 249-7215

Press 1 for Towers & Leeward/Windward
Press 2 for Villas


Paint Tower unit doors in fall

Paint & waterproof parking lot side of Towers & railings in fall

Sealcoat & stripe Villa parking lots/ roadways in fall

Waterproof & paint stucco in Villas where needed

Villa Stair Painting & Repairs

Painting Handrails & Unit Doors in Villas

Comcast re-wire & sheetrock repairs after re-wire ongoing

Repairing roof leaks & leaks around dormers

Tower 1 & Tower 2 Roofing

Tower 2 & Tower 3 Painting of Gulf Side of Buildings

Tower 1 Gulf Side Painting Buildings, Decks, & Handrails

What's Nearby?